Embrace Sustainability: 5 Green Business Practices You Can Adopt

Embrace Sustainability: 5 Green Business Practices You Can Adopt

Promoting sustainability in the officeIn recent years, sustainability has become a priority for many consumers. A 2018 Nielsen study found that 73 per cent of consumers across the globe say they are willing to change their consumption behaviours to reduce their environmental impact. This has led to companies adopting green practices.

Going green doesn’t mean massive operational changes. If you’re a business owner or manager, here are a few steps you can take to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and that of your customers:

1. Forge partnerships with green vendors

One way to promote sustainability is to ensure an eco-friendly supply chain. Are your raw products sustainably sourced? Do you use energy-efficient tools, machinery or vehicles? Interview vendors about their sustainability efforts and guidelines to see if they can help boost your commitment to sustainability.

2. Promote responsible consumption throughout your product’s life cycle

It’s one thing to design green products, but it’s another to minimise their environmental impact throughout their life cycle. Make sure to consider sustainability for your product’s packaging and disposal.

Start with the product label. Consumers look at it for information on how to use and dispose of a product. Ensure that recycling information and other details on responsible consumption are clearly stated on the label.

Packaging matters, too. Plastic pollution is a pressing global environmental issue. If you’ve been using plastic in your packaging, consider switching to reusable bags or other eco-friendly substitutes.

3. Form a sustainability team in the office

Another way to adopt green business practices is to encourage sustainability within your organisation. Begin with forming a dedicated team for it. Projects for this team could include starting or implementing a more effective recycling program in the office and creating a procurement policy for green office supplies.

This team can also educate and empower the rest of the organisation with informational sessions with local departments of water and power or non-profit environmental organisations. Employees engaging one another can be more effective than sending monthly memos from the top.

4. Choose eco-friendly promotional products

Your commitment to sustainability shouldn’t only be contained to your office and supply chain. It must be communicated to potential customers. You can begin with giving out eco promotional products like bamboo twist pens and tote bags during trade shows. Go paperless or, at least, reduce the use of paper during promotional events. If it’s possible, invest in energy-efficient digital displays for your booth.

5. Formalise your commitment to sustainability

Many organisations shy away from making a formal commitment to eco-friendly practices until they have experienced notable improvements. But an official statement helps inform your customers that you’re doing your part to preserve the environment. This also holds your organisation to a higher standard.

Be mindful, however, not to mislead your customers. Stress that sustainability isn’t a destination but a process that your organisation is willing to go through each day to achieve continuous improvements.

Addressing global environmental issues is a long-term process. Consumers are ready to change their consumption habits to battle against these issues, but they still need businesses to lead the charge.

If you want to start with eco-friendly office and promotional products, T&D is here to help. Give us a call.

Check the Label: Why Barcodes Matter in Inventory Management

Check the Label: Why Barcodes Matter in Inventory Management


The days before barcodes were a slower and maybe more gentle time. The storekeeper would ring each item up separately by hand, then enter the prices one by one on a cash register. At the end of the day, the storekeeper would count his or her inventory by cross-checking the items on hand from the list of purchased goods.

Today, stores and other companies are continuously developing ways to track items and their prices, then check them out faster. All this is made possible thanks to the barcode.

Barcoding has become a popular and economical way of controlling inventory, and industries far and wide use its technology. It gives several benefits to your company, some of which are:

Accurate tracking

Tracking of items is more accurate when your items have a unique barcode label. Today’s barcode scanners are almost error free, with some scanners registering an error rate of one in 10.5 million scans.

When a staff member encodes inventory data by hand or on a computer spreadsheet, human error inevitably is a factor. This is especially the case when a store handles hundreds of items a day. But with one simple barcode scan, a computer automatically processes the information and updates your inventory right away.


Barcode technology used to be expensive, but the abundance of barcodes and availability of inexpensive equipment have made barcodes affordable for organisations. Each barcode label costs only a few cents, and you can enlist the help of barcode label manufacturers to print barcodes according to your business’ needs.

Barcodes lower your costs. You reduce your overhead and training time associated with labour. Also, you lower your costs for carrying excess inventory since barcodes help you track your stock and help prevent ordering in excess.

Improved inventory control

It’s hard to do business when your staff are not able to track inventory efficiently and accurately. This results in possible over ordering and under ordering and keeping your books in balance can become a nightmare.

Barcoding is an easier way to track an item. Warehouses scan packages as they enter and exit the facility. When the items arrive at the retail store, staff scan the products as they go on shelves or storage. Barcodes also make it easy for workers to store and locate items, as well as make better decisions based on accurate inventory levels.

Quick data gathering

Businesses often have to make quick and accurate decisions based on available inventory data. Handwritten data or inventory information encoded on a computer spreadsheet takes time to process. On the other hand, data obtained through barcodes is easily available, since the information about an item is scanned directly into the inventory database.

Saves time

Manual counting of inventory is a monotonous process, especially when a business holds hundreds of items. After counting, workers have to repeat the process to minimise data errors. The whole process could take hours to complete. This process almost dissolves with barcoding.

Barcode label solutions with T & D Print

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Promotional Marketing: Boost Your Brand with Novelty Products

Promotional Marketing: Boost Your Brand with Novelty Products

Effective marketing strategies are crucial in any business endeavour, regardless of the industry. According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, promotion is a major element that influences the purchasing behaviour of consumers and increases brand recognition.

One way to boost the brand of your company is through customised promotional products, which is a cost-effective marketing tactic valuable to both new and existing companies.  These are usually daily or novelty products consumers use that have the logo of your business or your brand’s message on them — making them ideal for long-lasting advertisement.

If you feel like your brand needs a little boost, listed below are ways your business will benefit from promotional merchandise suppliers:

Greater exposure of the brand

Brand recognition requires repeated exposure to the company’s logo or slogan. Promotional products work like a business card. Though they may not have your contact details on them, they have the logo and the name of the business, showing off your brand repeatedly to potential customers. For instance, if you hand out 100 products and every one of those is seen by 100 people, you expose your business to 100,000 people. The product helps people remember your brand, especially if it’s something they use every day like a pen or a mug.

Additionally, when other people see a product with the business’s logo, they may ask questions about the business. This creates word-of-mouth opportunities by getting customers excited to talk about your products with their colleagues and friends. This builds interest in your products and services and increases visibility.

Adds personal value to your brand’s marketing message

One added-value quality of promotional products is their highly customisable nature. If you know your clientele well, adding a personal dimension to your promotional products improves your brand’s relatability. Making use of an interesting gift or adding a creative design increases the desirability of the item, to the point that it can become a collectable. Multinational corporations such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are experts in creating collectables that appeal to their consumers.

One way to do this is to understand what your customers would appreciate. For example, if you’re in the health and fitness industry, T&D Print has a wide variety of promotional gadgets for sports and leisure. Your customers will use them for their daily physical activities and develop a strong association and familiarity with your brand. If your target market consists of educational professionals, branded stationery and office supplies maybe a better bet.

Customer loyalty and retention

Customer loyalty goes beyond providing amazing products and services. Sometimes, you need to go the extra mile so that they don’t transfer to your competitors. Businesses thrive on meaningful customer relationships and promotional gifts help develop strong bonds between the company and their clients. For example, a thank you gift for an order, even if it’s just a small token, sends a strong message that you appreciate doing business with the client.

Retention is at the heart of every marketing promotion, and often reciprocity works wonders in the business world. People love receiving gifts, which is why promotional products make them happy. When you offer something to your clients for free, the likelihood of them doing business with you again is greater. It’s not because they feel like they owe you, it’s because their gratitude forges a positive link so they don’t feel the need to look to other brands.

A cost-effective marketing solution

Advertisements are one of the most costly marketing strategies out there. From print and radio ads to television commercials, gigantic billboards and online campaigns, businesses have to pay a huge amount of money for space, talent fees and production rates. A single project can take weeks, or even months to finish. The exorbitant expenses scare some business owners who are just starting out.

Promotional merchandise, however, is a marketing solution you can achieve for a lesser amount and a shorter period of time. Once you hand over your product and design preferences to a promotional merchandise supplier, they do all the work for you. There are a tonne of items to choose from and a wide range of prices to suit different budgets. The money that you save on expensive advertising can go to more significant facets of your business. With an excellent promotional marketing strategy, you can easily gain your customer’s trust without breaking the bank.

Make Unforgettable Promotional Products with T&D Print

If you’ve been looking for a business that can help boost your brand with promotional products, you’ve come to the right place.

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