Printing Your Own Cosmetic Labels

If you’re in the cosmetic business, then you already know how much packaging matters. The appearance of the product is as important as its features and benefits, so if you’re going to add a cosmetics label, you want it to be on point.

TD Print can help you print your perfect custom cosmetic labels in bulk, with a quick turn-around on your order.

Don’t have a logo or label design yet? We can help. Our Graphic Design Team works with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. You can even bring in your own art, customise one of our designs, or create a design from scratch. We’ll always get your approval before we print.

We’ve put together this easy cosmetic label checklist to help get you on your way.

Cosmetic Labels Checklist

1. Know your industry guidelines
A cosmetic label that doesn’t adhere to industry regulations could potentially land you in hot water, so it’s essential that you speak to the Environmental Protection Authority and make safe choices around what you do and do not include on your cosmetic labels. At minimum, we recommend that you read their Cosmetics Fact Sheet.

2. Invest in logo that you love

These days, logos are everywhere. Who doesn’t know the Nike tick, or the Starbucks mermaid?

Your logo doesn’t have to be complicated, but if you’re having trouble coming up with an idea, try brainstorming everything that you associate with your brand. Write down every idea. Draw some rough sketches and ask your friends, but ultimately trust your gut.

Once you’ve come up with your big idea, bring it to our designers at TD Print and we will turn your dream into a brilliant logo. 

3. Make sure the text is legible

When we come up with cosmetics labels, less is always more. Refine your message down to the essentials, so you don’t have to skimp on the regulatory details.

You want to have enough room to ensure the text is legible, so customers can read the important information and reach their purchase decision. 

4. Embrace Colour! 

Does your brand have a distinctive colour palette already? Don’t be afraid to include your brand colours in your cosmetic labels.

Labels don’t have to be minimalist or pure black and white. Think about some of your favourite brands and the amazing colours they use.

You want your products to jump off the shelves, and nothing screams “pick me” better than bright and beautiful colours.

Ask our designers how we can include some colour in your design. Whether it’s a little or a lot, colour can be the finishing touch. 

5. Be picky with fonts

People make jokes about Comics Sans for a reason. Your font is going to be with your brand for a long time, and the last thing you want is to grow tired of it within two weeks.

Our designers can help you strike a balance between novelty and enduring style, so your cosmetic labels still look on trend in a year from now. 

6. Tell a story Telling a story with your logo is a subtle form of marketing, but it’s one you don’t want to skip.

Different images affect us in a different way, so ask your friends, customers, and staff what they think about your design before you seal the deal.

TD Print can offer our professional opinion on your logo, and help you make sure it sends the right message.

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Why You Need Fragile Labels

Why You Need Fragile Labels

Most businesses have a good understanding of the value of barcode and food labels, but what about warning labels? The most common example is fragile labels, but there are many more warning labels that can be useful, especially if you’re running an ecommerce store and sending out parcels regularly.

Let’s face it: sometimes items get damaged in transit, especially if all you have is a barcode and the address on the box. Removal companies don’t know which parcel to be careful with unless you tell them, and the journey can be bumpy.

The answer is fragile labels and warning stickers, so you can tell your carrier how to deliver the goods safely.

Parcel Damage During Transit

When it comes to fragile items like wine glasses, mirrors, vases, etc, it doesn’t matter how much bubble wrap you use if the carrier doesn’t treat the package gently. Even things like furniture, electronics and lamps can be damaged in transit, especially if they’re thrown around, or not put the wrong way up.

There’s also the danger of small components coming loose and damaging other parts of your product within the box. 

It goes without saying that broken products that you need to repair or replace cost your business money.

Brand Damage as a Result of Parcel Damage

When products arrive damaged it reflects poorly on your business. It’s also a big headache. Not only do you risk a bad review, you also have to go through the hurdles of reverse logistics to remedy the situation.

There’s only one way to avoid this situation and it’s to work with a carrier you trust, and use clearly worded warning labels so their staff and delivery drivers know how to handle your product.

Why You Need TD Print Labels

TD Print offers a wide range of parcel labels including special handling labels and warning labels. 
But if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, that doesn’t mean we can’t help. We custom print labels, too!

Looking for Fragile Labels in NZ?

TD Print NZ specialised in printing labels for small and large businesses.

At TD Print we are proud to support your business by offering you high quality printing services and bulk buy options.

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How to Design a Winner Product Label

How to Design a Winner Product Label

How To Make A Winner Product Label

At T&D Print we love to print custom product labels (also known as “data labels”) with our top-performance digital label printers. We can do everything from labels on rolls, sheet labels, barcode labels, meat labels, and packaging labels.

However, one of the most common questions we get asked is “what makes a winning product label?” Of course, we think T&D Print’s own graphic design services produces some of the best labels out there, but if you prefer to DIY, then these are our top tips:

1. Match Your Label to Your Product

Labels may be informative, but they also exist as small advertisements in themselves. For this reason, there has to be continuity between your product and your product label, so your customer knows what to expect and gets an accurate impression of your brand.

For example, if you’re an all-natural organic brand, then it sends the right message to have a rustic and simple label design. Or, if you own an old-fashioned lolly store, you might opt for a historically inspired design in bright candy colours.

Whatever your product, business or brand, think about its personality, and how that would translate into a label. That includes everything from the size, colour, type font, and texture. 

2. Keep It Simple

The temptation could be to design the biggest, brightest label your brand or product can handle, but some caution is required. Ideally, the label you make translates across your entire brand, including the appearance of your store (if you have one), website, and even staff uniform!

If you have company colours, your labels should reflect those. If your brand uses a particular font, stick with that. You want your product to be instantly recognisable as one of yours, to promote brand recognition and quicker purchase decisions.
We often say go with a label design that is “same-same but different”. The best designs can be altered to suit different products, product sizes, and applications, while still being recognisable as yours.

3. Choose Your Shape Wisely

Labels do a lot. They’re attention grabbing, they provide important product information, and sometimes even a barcode. To get all of that in, you need to choose the right shape. The shape should also complement the product itself. The most common shapes are used in a variety of ways:

Rectangle labels work well on long thin products, or when you want a traditional-looking design. Rectangle labels can also serve the dual purpose of label and seal, if you make the design long enough to wrap around the container.

Square labels can fit lots of information while still looking neat. Square labels are more minimalist than the other options, which is why they suit a more modern look and bright colours and distinct fonts.

: Rounded products and packages suit circular labels, including round and oval shapes, unless you want the corners of a square label awkwardly folding over the container edge for some reason. Additionally, circular labels make convenient packaging seals, and cute promo stickers!

You might think arches only suit kids’ toys and fun objects, but arches are often used to create vertical-focused labels on things like wine bottles and cosmetics. If you have a long, slender product with a rounded profile, then an arched label design is a fantastic option for making the most of the available space.

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Tech Giveaways and Smartphone Promo Products

Tech Giveaways and Smartphone Promo Products

So, you’ve got a conference coming up, or maybe you’re taking part in an industry exhibition or fair. You already know that every company there will be offering eye-catching promotional products to increase their brand recognition. How can your brand compete? Easy. Take a look at TD Print’s tech giveaways and “smart” promo products. We even have label printing NZ-wide to complete the look.

But before you read on, let’s quickly revisit why gadgets make such good promotional giveaways. A good promo product is fun, eye-catching, and of value to your customers. It should be something they keep for a reasonable length of time (months if not years), so you get maximum brand exposure from your investment.

In the past, consumers relied upon things like wallets, keyrings, pens and pencils throughout their day. These are still great entry-level promo products, but if standing out is the name of the game, then you can deliver a lot more.

Nowadays, what do we look at all day long? Our computer, or our phone. This means that tech accessories are in high demand, and tech-inspired giveaways will help you stand out of the crowd.

Don’t just take our word for it. In the 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study, the Advertising Specialty Institute found that promo Power Banks are kept on average for at least twelve months. During that time, they generate 900 impressions, which in terms of advertising, works out at around just 1 cent per impression for a $10 Power Bank! We think that’s a pretty powerful ROI for a promotional product!

So, let’s take a look at some of the techy giveaways you can offer customers at TD Print.

1. Wireless Charger

We love wireless chargers, and your customers are about to get hooked, too. Rather than plug your phone into a USB port, all you have to do is place the phone on the pad to start charging its batteries. Not only is this neat, it’s sleek, and offers a convenient place to put your brand name and logo where consumers will see it most – right on the charging pad. We have several wireless charging pads and stands in a range of styles to choose from so you can find the right promo product for your brand identity.

2. Earbuds

Who doesn’t want earbuds? These cute, wireless headphones are highly sought after by professionals on the go, who appreciate this on-trend accessory. With benefits including high-definition stereo sound, a microphone for taking calls, and an easy-to-use USB charging point, your customers aren’t going to throw these away quickly. Just add your logo to the case and you have an amazing promo product that will bring in hundreds of impressions.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

If you want serious exposure, then take a look at our Bluetooth speaker options. Customers will be lining up to receive their own, and they’ll take prize of place on their desk or in their home. These days, with everything going wireless, wireless speakers are a huge trend and constantly in use. Better yet, Bluetooth speakers are highly visible items, which means your logo on the case will receive hundreds of impressions and connect the dots between your brand name and cool products.

4. Power Banks

As we said earlier, Power Banks are kept on average for twelve months and generate 900 impressions on average during that time. In terms of advertising value, that works out at around 1 cent per impression! We think that’s pretty amazing value for a promotional product! Not to mention a fantastic ROI on your original outlay.
We have every Power Bank style you could want at TD Print, including Power Banks complete with a torch.

Want Your Own Tech Promo Products?

TD Print supplies the best promotional products in NZ and have a huge range of promotional techy accessories that are fully customisable.
We are proud to support your business by offering you high quality giveaways.

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Are Promotional Drink Bottles Worth the Hype?

Are Promotional Drink Bottles Worth the Hype?

When brainstorming ways to advertise your business, you and your colleagues may find yourselves considering the benefits of promotional drink bottles and give-aways. But are they worth it?

At TD Print we manufacture a wide range of promotional products for businesses, including water bottles and drinkware. We have decades of experience in promotional give-aways and offer our customers custom design and eco-friendly options, so everyone is happy.

We have seen time and time again that promotional products, particularly promotional drink bottles, have a positive impact. Furthermore, as a label manufacturer and printing service, we can customise your promotional products any which way you want, so your brand message is spot on.

What’s the Point of Promotional Products?

In our experience, promotional products fall into the category of “brand awareness” marketing. Ultimately, if you want your business to be successful, then you have to build brand recognition, so that whenever someone thinks of your particular product or service, your business comes to mind. That’s brand awareness.

Of course, brand awareness isn’t the easiest thing to track or quantify. Everyone knows what Apple is, but does anyone really remember when we first heard of the company? A good brand appears to just exist in the air and becomes synonymous with the product it sells.

Whatever you sell, you want your business to be the one consumer’s automatically turn to, a brand that they trust. Afterall, most consumers don’t have time to do extensive research into all the available products. If your product or service is known to be good, then they’ll save themselves the time and energy and go straight to you, rather than “shop around”.

So, in short, brand awareness leads directly to sales and higher revenue, it’s just not necessarily quantifiable in the way that a stall at a convention might be, for example.

Are Promotional Drink Bottles Good Marketing Tools?

If brand awareness marketing isn’t easily measured, then you might ask “then why are promotional drink bottles so effective?”

The answer is simple: promotional drink bottles are so effective because drink bottles are used by just about everyone.

Drink bottles also tend to be bright and highly visible, so, for example, if a consumer is drinking from your promotional drink bottle on a train, everyone else in the carriage is going to catch sight of your brand name, too.

We also tend to use drink bottles regularly. We grab them before we head out for work. We pack one in our bag on our way to the gym. We take them on holiday. As a result of their high usage, drink bottles are a great way to regularly remind consumers about your brand.

This one might sound obvious, but drink bottles also provide hydration, something we all need and want. What this means in practice, is that you are associating your brand with a positive experience and healthy lifestyle. In our experience, achieving a positive brand association is one of the surest ways to corner the market.

Promotional drink bottles can also impart your brand values. For example, the design might suggest a corporate profile, or be fun and upbeat. You might even go for a drink bottle with a cooling mist option, to communicate that your brand is innovative. Reusable drink bottles are kind to the environment, which says that your brand is responsible.

But Are Promotional Drink Bottles Cost Effective?

The bottom line must always be considered when looking at a new marketing strategy, but thankfully, promotional drink bottles are both cost effective and convenient for businesses.

Simply put, you get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy promotional drink bottles in bulk. Better yet, our customisation tools mean you get a promotional product that is unique to your brand.

If your business is going to sponsor an event, such as a sports match or convent, then promotional drink bottles can help you get more out of that experience. As drink bottles are reusable and shareable, the simple act of giving branded water bottles away can build your brand awareness out from the hundreds into the thousands.

Looking for the Best Promotional Giveaway Products in NZ?

TD Print NZ supplies custom drink bottles and giveaway products NZ wide. Customisation gives your products an edge and we are proud to support your business through our high-quality services. Browse online or contact us directly for more information.

Easy guide to Food Product Labels

Easy guide to Food Product Labels

Food Product Labels

Food product labels are an important part of shop organisation, public and occupational health and safety. Food product labels categorise products, while also providing vital information about their ingredients and manufacturer to customers. We simply couldn’t sell food items without product labels.

In this blog, we will talk about the importance of proper food labels, what things food labels must include and the important difference between freezer labels and non-freezer labels.

Why we need food labels

For shop owners, food labels don’t just tell them what their product is, but how it must be stored (such as within what temperature range and the duration according to the expiry date). Without this information, food can go off and become contaminated, so long wearing, secure product labels are essential to good business practice.

For customers, food labels inform them about not just the basic ingredients and manufacturer, but also whether the product contains additives or allergens that they may need to avoid. They will also find storage and preparation information, as well as the weight of the item (important for cooking) and manufacturer’s details in case they have a question.

The 10 things that must be on a food product label

Food labels also contain important information that enables both shop owners and customers to compare and contrast similar products. In fact, there are ten things that must be on every food product label by law:

1. Description or proper name of the item
2. Net weight and/or volume – not inclusive of the weight of the packaging
3. Date stamp
4. Ingredient including additives
5. Nutritional information panel
6. Allergy warning or declaration
7. Name, address and contact information of manufacturer, distributor or importer
8. Country of origin
9. Storage Instructions
10. Lot or batch number

The difference between freezer labels and non-freezer labels

Freezers affect everything placed within their environment, and this is true of food labels as well. To ensure that your food labels remain in place and legible on freezer items, it’s important to look for high quality freezer-grade adhesive labels (and to ensure that you purchase products from manufacturers who use them too).

Regular food labels are not designed to withstand such low temperatures, and will begin to crystallize. Food labels that crystallize will begin to wrinkle, bunch up and lose their adhesion, which results in labels falling off and potentially being stored and utilised wrongly by staff and customers. Frozen food items without proper labels are not suitable for sale.

Freezer labels are designed and printed using special cold resistant glue and should never be swapped for non-freezer labels. Only freezer grade food product labels can withstand temperatures as low as -54 degrees Celsius.

In contrast, non-freezer food labels can, in some cases, withstand temperatures down to minus 10 degrees Celsius, but are better suited to moderate conditions.

There is a great deal of diversity among food labels for non-freezer items, including types of adhesives, shapes, sizes and colours. Your choice of non-freezer labels will depend on the product and its storage requirements.

Looking for the Best Food Product Labels in NZ?

TD Print NZ supplies custom labels across all product lines. Our custom frozen food product labels are some of our most popular and can be ordered in rolls and sheets in a huge variety of dimensions and styles. Customisation gives your products an edge and we are proud to support your business through our high quality food label printing services. Browse our website or contact us directly to make an order.