Barcode Labels

Your product may need scanning at the point of sale, so it will need a barcode!

Barcode labels offer numerous advantages. They streamline inventory processes while eliminating human error. Training employees is also made easier as you’ll only need to teach them to use a hand-held scanner, instead of teaching them about your entire inventory system and pricing procedure.

As barcode labels eliminate error and make inventory tracking easy, system control is greatly improved. You can access updated inventory information in real time eliminating the need to hire staff for data entry, cleaning and retrieval.

For clear printed barcode labels, come to T & D Print, one of NZ’s most trusted barcode label manufacturers. We can supply barcode labels any size you require on a range of stocks. We offer a selection of barcode label materials to meet the requirements of most applications and budgets.

We can also create standard barcodes. Just supply us with your unique number and we will do the rest.

Standard label sizes include the following:

18mm x 18mm barcode label

18mm x 18mm
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20mm x 18mm barcode label

20mm x 18mm
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25mm x 20mm barcode label

25mm x 20mm
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30mm x 15mm barcode label

30mm x 15mm
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30mm x 30mm barcode label

30mm x 30mm
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40mm x 15mm barcode label

40mm x 15mm
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45mm x 45mm barcode label

45mm x 45mm
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50mm x 30mm barcode label

50mm x 30mm
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5mm x 35mm barcode label

5mm x 35mm
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50mm x 50mm barcode label

50mm x 50mm
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60mm x 25mm barcode label

60mm x 25mm
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65mm x 35mm barcode label

65mm x 35mm
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60mm x 60mm barcode label

60mm x 60mm
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We have many more sizes than those listed here, let us know the size you want and we will give you a quote. As one of New Zealand’s most established barcode label suppliers, we have the people, technology and resources to deliver custom barcode labels. Building our reputation on reliability and product quality, we fulfil requirements with fast turnaround times and offer free shipping NZ wide.

Let us know your requirements by filling in our online form and get a free quote for your barcode label.

Barcodes can also be printed onto a range of different coloured stock. These barcode labels can help you distinguish assets categories more easily. Ask us for more info!
Remember we are more than happy to supply printed samples on request. Get in touch with our team today for excellent barcode labels, designed for your needs.