Custom Wine Labels


Needing digital wine labels? We can help!

We offer the perfect custom wine label printing solution. With high quality and long-lasting wine labels we can take care of all your wine label print needs. Whether you are wanting 100 or more, our experienced team will look after your requirements, with quick turn-around and competitive prices!

Printed on either a Gloss, Matt, Clear or Synthetic self-adhesive stock.
Labels can have a Gloss or Matt laminated surface for added durability and longevity. Die cut to any shape or size.

There are many advantages to digital wine label printing…

–   Low minimum print run.
–   Low set-up cost, as special plates are not required.
–   Labels can be cut to any shape with no expensive cutting dies required.
–   Supplied on rolls with leading edge to your specifications for labeling applicators.

Although a picture paints a thousand words, there is nothing quite the same as holding a quality label in your hand. Request a sample of a digital wine label today, so you can see the high quality of our labels and test the stock in your conditions.

View East wine label design

Gloss Laminate

Gloss Laminate is excellent for a durable and hard wearing finish. Will keep moisture from effecting your label as well as offering a UV protective coating. Gloss laminate often makes colours appear very vivid and is especially popular on black or darker labels.

Matt Laminate

Matt Laminate has a more flat appearance than Gloss and is the preferred look that a lot of wineries go for. It will give your label a very high-quality appearance, whilst keeping moisture out and protecting against wear and tear.

If you aren’t sure exactly what type of media will suit your needs, send us an email and we will do our best to help!
Also check out our GALLERY page for examples of wine labels we have recently printed.