Speciality Items



Want your product to stand out, through the label? We can cut most any shape out so that your product can shine through.

cut out samples

We can design custom funeral programmes, using your photos, & information, as well as full printing services.


We have a great range of printed or unprinted boxes and packaging options e.g. skin care products to food items.

We have many sizes, shapes, colours and options when it comes to stamps. Including self inking or ink pad stamps.


Create unique cards for any occasion. We can design one for you or use your design/s. These are printed on card, trimmed to the required size and professionally creased – ready to give away or sell.

gift card folded printed

Display your products with great branding. We can do headers to most sizes and even different shapes!


Bottle neck hangers/tags are popular for wine bottle tags and marketing anything sold in bottles, like oil and vinegars.

Disposable car mats printed with your branding. Great for mechanic’s and car service centres.

PHOTO RESTORATION: Digital photograph restoration is the ideal way of bringing your old or damaged photos back to life. We can provide minor to medium restorations for your precious photos.

NOTE PADS: Very affordable note pad options with leaves of good quality 70gsm paper and a cardboard back. It is printed using four colour process which gives the option of unlimited spot colours or stunning full colour at no extra cost but PMS colour matches are only approximate. The artwork can bleed off on all four sides if required and a lead time of 11+ working days applies to this product. This item can only be ordered in the certain quantity amounts (e.g.125, 250 etc.). Sizes are A7, A6, A5, A4, A3 and A2.

FUNERAL PROGRAMMES: We can put together custom funeral programmes, using your photos, text, poem’s etc. We know time is of importance with these programmes and we can turnaround the design and printing very quickly for the funeral service.

FLAGS & BANNERS: Need a banner or flag for a special event? Field Day’s, Exhibitions, Shows or maybe a Conference? We can provide banners that are 215mm deep and up to 30 metres long. The flags come in several sizes and different styles, e.g. teardrop, windblade.

STAMPS: We have a large range of self inking and other stamps – in different shapes, sizes and colours. Put your logo onto a stamp to put on mail or outgoing packages, get your address on a stamp to save time, there are many ways stamps can help with your branding and also save time.

FOLDED CARDS: Create unique cards for any occasion. We can design one for you or use your design/s. These are printed on card, trimmed to required size and professionally creased – ready to give away or sell.

HEADERS: Headers are a card stock with your product information, logo and graphics. We die cut them to allow for hanging from hooks on store displays. The headers are then folded over the top of the product bag and stapled, securing your product in the bag.

NECK TAGS: Neck tags, hangers etc. are a great way to add branding and any additional information, e.g. recipes, recommended usage, to your product. We can make pretty much any size or shape tag – talk to us today!

DROPSTOP: Invented by Brian Vang of Denmark, the DropStop is a practical, unique, useful and reusable item that will create many conversations with your clients family and friends – thus promoting your company. DropStop is an ideal gift, premium promotional product or fundraising item. While stopping drips when pouring wine, it has been found to stop unwanted dripping with pouring other liquids as well.

Talk to us about any specialised needs you have.