Promotional Merchandise: 4 Reasons Why Its Valuable to Your Business

Every business owner wants to grow their company and surpass their competition. This means using different strategies, from enhancing products to improving the company’s marketing efforts. There are several marketing platforms that produce effective results for businesses; one of them is promotional products.

Promotional products can be as small as keychains or as functional as flash drives and a company umbrella. These items have your logo and tagline and are given away to introduce your company and encourage business.

Although many companies focus on online marketing, some of them continue to collaborate with reliable suppliers that produce high-quality promotional merchandise. Why do these items continue to be valuable? Here are four reasons:

Cost-effective and convenient

Promotional merchandise allows you to promote your business while keeping your marketing expenses low. It’s a cost-effective and longer lasting alternative to advertising methods like newspaper ads, radio and TV. These items can also be kept and used for future marketing campaigns.

What makes promotional items valuable when is they become part of daily use. You can add your logo and tagline to shirts, mugs, bags and office supplies. This ensures that customers will see your brand every day, and the familiarity makes it easier for them to contact you.

Instant brand recognition

Building brand awareness is essential for a business. When people are aware of a company, they’re more likely to buy from it in the future. Unlike advertisements from traditional and online platforms, your promotional item will remain in your recipients’ homes or offices for a long time. As a result, they’ll remember your company when they use the freebie.

Fosters customer loyalty

Although it’s inexpensive to make, promotional merchandise is effective in reaching many potential customers. It’s easier for them to learn about your brand if you give them something free with your logo and contacts.

Studies also show that promotional items encourage better recollection and brand recall. According to a 2016 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, a majority of people are more likely to do business with the companies that give them gifts. Customers who receive freebies also serve as brand ambassadors when they use the items regularly.

Aside from attracting first-time buyers, promotional merchandise is also useful in cultivating relationships with regular customers. Offering personalised items as a token of appreciation helps your clients feel cared for, and they are more likely to continue doing business with your company.

Long-lasting exposure to the brand

Brand visibility is a challenge for many companies, especially with advertisements needing to be adaptable to suit TV, radio, billboard and social media platforms. Promotional merchandise helps give customers a lasting impression of your brand. Applying your logo and tagline to items that people see and use every day helps keep the business at the top of their minds.

Unforgettable brands with T&D Print’s promotional merchandise

T&D Print ensures that your promotional merchandise sends the right message to potential customers. We provide promo products for your marketing campaigns and business giveaways. We offer a wide range of promotional items, including office stationery, shirts, bags and more.

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What are the Characteristics of a Well-Designed Label?

Fruit fusion product labelHumans are visual creatures. Several studies over the years have found that the human brain has the ability to retain more information through the use of visuals. Businesses have banked on this through marketing campaigns that involve eye-catching images. By familiarising their target audience with their logo and other branded visuals, business owners can trigger awareness and recall that have the potential to result in sales.
But most markets are filled with several products that are similar to one another; standing out has become harder for new brands. By designing product labels that are easily distinguishable from competitors, you are creating a memorable visual that will help your brand be noticed. T&D Print helps brands stand out through its product label services online.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key in designing a memorable product label. Incorporating too many design elements will make your label appear cluttered. In keeping the design clean and simple, you are giving your customers all the relevant information without being an eyesore.

Stick to the Brand

Your branding guidelines keep you from straying from your core values. They give your marketing collaterals a consistency that makes it easier for your customers to remember you. Use these guidelines in designing your labels so that those familiar with your brand will recognise your products immediately upon seeing them. This approach also makes the design process easier and simpler.

Go Green

The influx of sustainable materials has made going green easier for brands. Choosing these types of materials for your packaging is one way of advertising your social responsibility initiatives. With more people choosing brands that practice sustainability, incorporating environmentally friendly materials and practices into the creation process makes you more attractive and marketable.

Keep Up with Trends

Generally speaking, design trends should be avoided. This is because they have a tendency to look dated after a couple of years. However, market trends should be taken into consideration when designing product labels. The rise of social media as an effective marketing tool has spurred the creation of packaging that is easily shareable online. The ability to go viral these days depends on the product itself and how it looks on the outside.

Think of the Customer

A memorable label thinks of the customer. When designing your labels, consider what your target audience will most likely look at first. By keeping only the necessary details for your label, you are decluttering it for your customers. This also allows you to highlight features or ingredients that are unique to your product.

Make It Fun

As competition in the market becomes fiercer, standing out is necessary for your brand’s survival. A well-designed label is able to catch people’s attention long enough to generate curiosity in your product which has the potential to generate sales. A label that manages to follow branding guidelines but still look fun is hard yet achievable. If you are able to find that balance, you can create a label that inspires brand recall among your customers.

Labels That Sell Your Products

T&D Print understands the power a well-designed product label has in generating sales. This is why we offer clients a labelling service that will help them address their needs. We have worked with businesses across different industries, including cosmetics and food manufacturers. We offer digital label printing services to accommodate each client’s specifications at a lower cost and in a timely manner.

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Check the Label: Why Barcodes Matter in Inventory Management


The days before barcodes were a slower and maybe more gentle time. The storekeeper would ring each item up separately by hand, then enter the prices one by one on a cash register. At the end of the day, the storekeeper would count his or her inventory by cross-checking the items on hand from the list of purchased goods.

Today, stores and other companies are continuously developing ways to track items and their prices, then check them out faster. All this is made possible thanks to the barcode.

Barcoding has become a popular and economical way of controlling inventory, and industries far and wide use its technology. It gives several benefits to your company, some of which are:

Accurate tracking

Tracking of items is more accurate when your items have a unique barcode label. Today’s barcode scanners are almost error free, with some scanners registering an error rate of one in 10.5 million scans.

When a staff member encodes inventory data by hand or on a computer spreadsheet, human error inevitably is a factor. This is especially the case when a store handles hundreds of items a day. But with one simple barcode scan, a computer automatically processes the information and updates your inventory right away.


Barcode technology used to be expensive, but the abundance of barcodes and availability of inexpensive equipment have made barcodes affordable for organisations. Each barcode label costs only a few cents, and you can enlist the help of barcode label manufacturers to print barcodes according to your business’ needs.

Barcodes lower your costs. You reduce your overhead and training time associated with labour. Also, you lower your costs for carrying excess inventory since barcodes help you track your stock and help prevent ordering in excess.

Improved inventory control

It’s hard to do business when your staff are not able to track inventory efficiently and accurately. This results in possible over ordering and under ordering and keeping your books in balance can become a nightmare.

Barcoding is an easier way to track an item. Warehouses scan packages as they enter and exit the facility. When the items arrive at the retail store, staff scan the products as they go on shelves or storage. Barcodes also make it easy for workers to store and locate items, as well as make better decisions based on accurate inventory levels.

Quick data gathering

Businesses often have to make quick and accurate decisions based on available inventory data. Handwritten data or inventory information encoded on a computer spreadsheet takes time to process. On the other hand, data obtained through barcodes is easily available, since the information about an item is scanned directly into the inventory database.

Saves time

Manual counting of inventory is a monotonous process, especially when a business holds hundreds of items. After counting, workers have to repeat the process to minimise data errors. The whole process could take hours to complete. This process almost dissolves with barcoding.

Barcode label solutions with T & D Print

Need a barcode for your items? Or do you need stickers and other labels for your business? Contact T & D Print, one of New Zealand’s trusted barcode label manufacturers. We provide labels and stickers of different sizes that meet your requirements and budgets. We also supply customised promotional materials like bags, lanyards and stationery that will help make your business’ branding more effective. We value product quality and reliability, and we’ll fulfil your requirements with fast turnaround times.

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Promotional Marketing: Boost Your Brand with Novelty Products

Effective marketing strategies are crucial in any business endeavour, regardless of the industry. According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, promotion is a major element that influences the purchasing behaviour of consumers and increases brand recognition.

One way to boost the brand of your company is through customised promotional products, which is a cost-effective marketing tactic valuable to both new and existing companies.  These are usually daily or novelty products consumers use that have the logo of your business or your brand’s message on them — making them ideal for long-lasting advertisement.

If you feel like your brand needs a little boost, listed below are ways your business will benefit from this solid marketing strategy.

Greater exposure of the brand

Brand recognition requires repeated exposure to the company’s logo or slogan. Promotional products work like a business card. Though they may not have your contact details on them, they have the logo and the name of the business, showing off your brand repeatedly to potential customers. For instance, if you hand out 100 products and every one of those is seen by 100 people, you expose your business to 100,000 people. The product helps people remember your brand, especially if it’s something they use every day like a pen or a mug.

Additionally, when other people see a product with the business’s logo on it, they may ask questions about the business. This builds interest in your products and services and increases your visibility.

Adds personal value to your brand’s marketing message

If you know your clientele well, adding a personal dimension to your promotional products improves your brand’s relatability. Making use of an interesting gift or adding a creative design increases the desirability of the item, to the point that it can become a collectable. Multinational corporations such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are experts in creating collectables that appeal to their consumers.

One way to do this is to understand what your customers would appreciate. For example, if you’re in the health and fitness industry, T&D Print has a wide variety of promotional gadgets for sports and leisure. Your customers will use them for their daily physical activities and develop a strong association and familiarity with your brand.

Customer loyalty and retention

Customer loyalty goes beyond providing amazing products and services. Sometimes, you need to go the extra mile so that they don’t transfer to your competitors. Businesses thrive on meaningful relationships and promotional gifts help develop strong bonds between the company and their customers. For example, a thank you gift for an order, even if it’s just a small token, sends a strong message that you appreciate doing business with them.

Retention is at the heart of every marketing promotion and often, reciprocity works wonders in the business world. People love receiving gifts, which is why promotional products make them happy. When you offer something to your clients for free, the likelihood of them going back to you is greater. It’s not because they feel like they owe you, it’s because their gratitude forges a positive link that they won’t feel the need to look at other brands.

Make Unforgettable Promotional Products with T&D Print

Looking for people to help boost your brand with promotional products? Here at T&D Print, we offer custom promotional products for your company. With fast turnaround times and efficient service, our aim is to provide your business with top quality printed advertising materials that will set you apart from your competitors. Our range of products and services is always changing, so you’re sure to find what you want for your business.

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