When brainstorming ways to advertise your business, you and your colleagues may find yourselves considering the benefits of promotional drink bottles and give-aways. But are they worth it?

At TD Print we manufacture a wide range of promotional products for businesses, including water bottles and drinkware. We have decades of experience in promotional give-aways and offer our customers custom design and eco-friendly options, so everyone is happy.

We have seen time and time again that promotional products, particularly promotional drink bottles, have a positive impact. Furthermore, as a label manufacturer and printing service, we can customise your promotional products any which way you want, so your brand message is spot on.

What’s the Point of Promotional Products?

In our experience, promotional products fall into the category of “brand awareness” marketing. Ultimately, if you want your business to be successful, then you have to build brand recognition, so that whenever someone thinks of your particular product or service, your business comes to mind. That’s brand awareness.

Of course, brand awareness isn’t the easiest thing to track or quantify. Everyone knows what Apple is, but does anyone really remember when we first heard of the company? A good brand appears to just exist in the air and becomes synonymous with the product it sells.

Whatever you sell, you want your business to be the one consumer’s automatically turn to, a brand that they trust. Afterall, most consumers don’t have time to do extensive research into all the available products. If your product or service is known to be good, then they’ll save themselves the time and energy and go straight to you, rather than “shop around”.

So, in short, brand awareness leads directly to sales and higher revenue, it’s just not necessarily quantifiable in the way that a stall at a convention might be, for example.

Are Promotional Drink Bottles Good Marketing Tools?

If brand awareness marketing isn’t easily measured, then you might ask “then why are promotional drink bottles so effective?”

The answer is simple: promotional drink bottles are so effective because drink bottles are used by just about everyone.

Drink bottles also tend to be bright and highly visible, so, for example, if a consumer is drinking from your promotional drink bottle on a train, everyone else in the carriage is going to catch sight of your brand name, too.

We also tend to use drink bottles regularly. We grab them before we head out for work. We pack one in our bag on our way to the gym. We take them on holiday. As a result of their high usage, drink bottles are a great way to regularly remind consumers about your brand.

This one might sound obvious, but drink bottles also provide hydration, something we all need and want. What this means in practice, is that you are associating your brand with a positive experience and healthy lifestyle. In our experience, achieving a positive brand association is one of the surest ways to corner the market.

Promotional drink bottles can also impart your brand values. For example, the design might suggest a corporate profile, or be fun and upbeat. You might even go for a drink bottle with a cooling mist option, to communicate that your brand is innovative. Reusable drink bottles are kind to the environment, which says that your brand is responsible.

But Are Promotional Drink Bottles Cost Effective?

The bottom line must always be considered when looking at a new marketing strategy, but thankfully, promotional drink bottles are both cost effective and convenient for businesses.

Simply put, you get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy promotional drink bottles in bulk. Better yet, our customisation tools mean you get a promotional product that is unique to your brand.

If your business is going to sponsor an event, such as a sports match or convent, then promotional drink bottles can help you get more out of that experience. As drink bottles are reusable and shareable, the simple act of giving branded water bottles away can build your brand awareness out from the hundreds into the thousands.

Looking for the Best Promotional Giveaway Products in NZ?

TD Print NZ supplies custom drink bottles and giveaway products NZ wide. Customisation gives your products an edge and we are proud to support your business through our high-quality services. Browse online or contact us directly for more information.