How To Make A Winner Product Label

At T&D Print we love to print custom product labels (also known as “data labels”) with our top-performance digital label printers. We can do everything from labels on rolls, sheet labels, barcode labels, meat labels, and packaging labels.

However, one of the most common questions we get asked is “what makes a winning product label?” Of course, we think T&D Print’s own graphic design services produces some of the best labels out there, but if you prefer to DIY, then these are our top tips:

1. Match Your Label to Your Product

Labels may be informative, but they also exist as small advertisements in themselves. For this reason, there has to be continuity between your product and your product label, so your customer knows what to expect and gets an accurate impression of your brand.

For example, if you’re an all-natural organic brand, then it sends the right message to have a rustic and simple label design. Or, if you own an old-fashioned lolly store, you might opt for a historically inspired design in bright candy colours.

Whatever your product, business or brand, think about its personality, and how that would translate into a label. That includes everything from the size, colour, type font, and texture. 

2. Keep It Simple

The temptation could be to design the biggest, brightest label your brand or product can handle, but some caution is required. Ideally, the label you make translates across your entire brand, including the appearance of your store (if you have one), website, and even staff uniform!

If you have company colours, your labels should reflect those. If your brand uses a particular font, stick with that. You want your product to be instantly recognisable as one of yours, to promote brand recognition and quicker purchase decisions.
We often say go with a label design that is “same-same but different”. The best designs can be altered to suit different products, product sizes, and applications, while still being recognisable as yours.

3. Choose Your Shape Wisely

Labels do a lot. They’re attention grabbing, they provide important product information, and sometimes even a barcode. To get all of that in, you need to choose the right shape. The shape should also complement the product itself. The most common shapes are used in a variety of ways:

Rectangle labels work well on long thin products, or when you want a traditional-looking design. Rectangle labels can also serve the dual purpose of label and seal, if you make the design long enough to wrap around the container.

Square labels can fit lots of information while still looking neat. Square labels are more minimalist than the other options, which is why they suit a more modern look and bright colours and distinct fonts.

: Rounded products and packages suit circular labels, including round and oval shapes, unless you want the corners of a square label awkwardly folding over the container edge for some reason. Additionally, circular labels make convenient packaging seals, and cute promo stickers!

You might think arches only suit kids’ toys and fun objects, but arches are often used to create vertical-focused labels on things like wine bottles and cosmetics. If you have a long, slender product with a rounded profile, then an arched label design is a fantastic option for making the most of the available space.

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