So, you’ve got a conference coming up, or maybe you’re taking part in an industry exhibition or fair. You already know that every company there will be offering eye-catching promotional products to increase their brand recognition. How can your brand compete? Easy. Take a look at TD Print’s tech giveaways and “smart” promo products. We even have label printing NZ-wide to complete the look.

But before you read on, let’s quickly revisit why gadgets make such good promotional giveaways. A good promo product is fun, eye-catching, and of value to your customers. It should be something they keep for a reasonable length of time (months if not years), so you get maximum brand exposure from your investment.

In the past, consumers relied upon things like wallets, keyrings, pens and pencils throughout their day. These are still great entry-level promo products, but if standing out is the name of the game, then you can deliver a lot more.

Nowadays, what do we look at all day long? Our computer, or our phone. This means that tech accessories are in high demand, and tech-inspired giveaways will help you stand out of the crowd.

Don’t just take our word for it. In the 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study, the Advertising Specialty Institute found that promo Power Banks are kept on average for at least twelve months. During that time, they generate 900 impressions, which in terms of advertising, works out at around just 1 cent per impression for a $10 Power Bank! We think that’s a pretty powerful ROI for a promotional product!

So, let’s take a look at some of the techy giveaways you can offer customers at TD Print.

1. Wireless Charger

We love wireless chargers, and your customers are about to get hooked, too. Rather than plug your phone into a USB port, all you have to do is place the phone on the pad to start charging its batteries. Not only is this neat, it’s sleek, and offers a convenient place to put your brand name and logo where consumers will see it most – right on the charging pad. We have several wireless charging pads and stands in a range of styles to choose from so you can find the right promo product for your brand identity.

2. Earbuds

Who doesn’t want earbuds? These cute, wireless headphones are highly sought after by professionals on the go, who appreciate this on-trend accessory. With benefits including high-definition stereo sound, a microphone for taking calls, and an easy-to-use USB charging point, your customers aren’t going to throw these away quickly. Just add your logo to the case and you have an amazing promo product that will bring in hundreds of impressions.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

If you want serious exposure, then take a look at our Bluetooth speaker options. Customers will be lining up to receive their own, and they’ll take prize of place on their desk or in their home. These days, with everything going wireless, wireless speakers are a huge trend and constantly in use. Better yet, Bluetooth speakers are highly visible items, which means your logo on the case will receive hundreds of impressions and connect the dots between your brand name and cool products.

4. Power Banks

As we said earlier, Power Banks are kept on average for twelve months and generate 900 impressions on average during that time. In terms of advertising value, that works out at around 1 cent per impression! We think that’s pretty amazing value for a promotional product! Not to mention a fantastic ROI on your original outlay.
We have every Power Bank style you could want at TD Print, including Power Banks complete with a torch.

Want Your Own Tech Promo Products?

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