Fruit fusion product labelHumans are visual creatures. Several studies over the years have found that the human brain has the ability to retain more information through the use of visuals. Businesses have banked on this through marketing campaigns that involve eye-catching images. By familiarising their target audience with their logo and other branded visuals, business owners can trigger awareness and recall that have the potential to result in sales.
But most markets are filled with several products that are similar to one another; standing out has become harder for new brands. By designing product labels that are easily distinguishable from competitors, you are creating a memorable visual that will help your brand be noticed. T&D Print helps brands stand out through its product label services online.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key in designing a memorable product label. Incorporating too many design elements will make your label appear cluttered. In keeping the design clean and simple, you are giving your customers all the relevant information without being an eyesore.

Stick to the Brand

Your branding guidelines keep you from straying from your core values. They give your marketing collaterals a consistency that makes it easier for your customers to remember you. Use these guidelines in designing your labels so that those familiar with your brand will recognise your products immediately upon seeing them. This approach also makes the design process easier and simpler.

Go Green

The influx of sustainable materials has made going green easier for brands. Choosing these types of materials for your packaging is one way of advertising your social responsibility initiatives. With more people choosing brands that practice sustainability, incorporating environmentally friendly materials and practices into the creation process makes you more attractive and marketable.

Keep Up with Trends

Generally speaking, design trends should be avoided. This is because they have a tendency to look dated after a couple of years. However, market trends should be taken into consideration when designing product labels for cosmetics, honey, or any other commodity. The rise of social media as an effective marketing tool has spurred the creation of packaging that is easily shareable online. The ability to go viral these days depends on the product itself and how it looks on the outside.

Think of the Customer

A memorable label thinks of the customer. When designing your labels, consider what your target audience will most likely look at first. By keeping only the necessary details for your label, you are decluttering it for your customers. This also allows you to highlight features or ingredients that are unique to your product.

Make It Fun

As competition in the market becomes fiercer, standing out is necessary for your brand’s survival. A well-designed label is able to catch people’s attention long enough to generate curiosity in your product which has the potential to generate sales. A label that manages to follow branding guidelines but still look fun is hard yet achievable. If you are able to find that balance, you can create a label that inspires brand recall among your customers.

Labels That Sell Your Products

T&D Print understands the power a well-designed product label has in generating sales. This is why we offer clients a labelling service that will help them address their needs. We have worked with businesses across different industries, including cosmetics and food manufacturers. We offer digital label printing services to accommodate each client’s specifications at a lower cost and in a timely manner.

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