Most businesses have a good understanding of the value of barcode and food labels, but what about warning labels? The most common example is fragile labels, but there are many more warning labels that can be useful, especially if you’re running an ecommerce store and sending out parcels regularly.

Let’s face it: sometimes items get damaged in transit, especially if all you have is a barcode and the address on the box. Removal companies don’t know which parcel to be careful with unless you tell them, and the journey can be bumpy.

The answer is fragile labels and warning stickers, so you can tell your carrier how to deliver the goods safely.

Parcel Damage During Transit

When it comes to fragile items like wine glasses, mirrors, vases, etc, it doesn’t matter how much bubble wrap you use if the carrier doesn’t treat the package gently. Even things like furniture, electronics and lamps can be damaged in transit, especially if they’re thrown around, or not put the wrong way up.

There’s also the danger of small components coming loose and damaging other parts of your product within the box. 

It goes without saying that broken products that you need to repair or replace cost your business money.

Brand Damage as a Result of Parcel Damage

When products arrive damaged it reflects poorly on your business. It’s also a big headache. Not only do you risk a bad review, you also have to go through the hurdles of reverse logistics to remedy the situation.

There’s only one way to avoid this situation and it’s to work with a carrier you trust, and use clearly worded warning labels so their staff and delivery drivers know how to handle your product.

Why You Need TD Print Labels

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