Barcode Labels

There’s a whole lot more to data asset variable labels (AKA asset labels) than meets the eye. Asset labels and barcode labels may look the same, but they perform very different functions. However, they’re both vitally important to businesses, schools, and public and private institutions. Put simply, barcode labels and asset labels allow you to track, identify and “scan in” almost every item imaginable, but their benefits don’t end there. At T & D Print we have years of experience supplying barcode and asset labels to companies and businesses across New Zealand, so if you want to know more about these smart labels, then read on.

Identify Items

Barcode labels allow you to easily identify items within your business or institution with a quick scan to determine its use, where it belongs, or who it belongs to. This can be incredibly helpful in a number of situations including, but not limited to, managing lots of similar items such as cables, determining where to store your items according to a goods management system, and finding the rightful owner of the item such as with a laptop or tool. The labels themselves can also contain information such as your business’ name, address and phone number, or anything else that may be helpful. However, the benefit of the barcode is that a whole lot more information about the item can be easily accessed. If you’re struggling to see where this may be of benefit, consider any healthcare or industrial environment, where active and fragile ingredients need to be carefully identified, handled and stored. It’s not always obvious what an item is just by looking with it, which is why barcode and asset labels are so important.

At T & D Print we manufacture and print barcode labels in a wide range of sizes right here in NZ. We also offer customisation – just let us know your requirements!

Streamline Your Business Management System

If you’ve ever dreamed of having an organised, well-managed stock or inventory system, then barcode labels are your new best friend. The ability to quickly ascertain what an item is, and where it should go, just with a quick scan, makes implementing your work management system that much easier. As mentioned previously, this may be particularly important if you are working in a field where you deal with fragile items that need to be handled and stored according to precise instructions. Afterall, it’s not convenient or practical to keep large amounts of instructions with each and every item!

Even if you’re not dealing with complex or fragile items, a barcode management system and asset labels can help you keep track of things. A common example is a library, where barcodes are used to identify books in their computer systems, however, many other industries require barcodes as well, from industry, to transport, through to a corporate environment.

Make Sales So Much Easier

The obvious use for labels with barcodes on them is sales. If you have been running a store without product management software, we recommend it’s time to make the switch. Rather than punch in all the prices yourself, barcode labels allow you to quickly scan an item and tally up costs with little effort. This data can then also be fed into your inventory and help you plan what to buy and restock. All in all, these little labels make life so much easier!

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